Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Restarting the Anti-War Movement

As Detroit prepares for a Friday March 18th event, Ralph Nader gives us some ideas. He also admonishes us a bit with: "If the peace movement had continued to advocate for an end to the war during the presidential election year, rather than remaining silent where would be today?"


Anonymous said...

Iraq would still be ruled by a despot without this war. women would not be able to vote without this war. men would not be able to vote for who they REALLY wanted without this war. the wmd's that the u.n., everyone in our government and the kurds who died by them would still be available to saddam without this war. mass graves of innocent iraqs would still be filled without this war. liberal pundits would have nothing to talk about without this war.

Lou Novak said...

well said, but wrong. Liberal pundits as well as anonymous posters will always have something to talk about. Mass graves of innocent Iraqis and over 1500 American men and women *are* being filled. You're kidding about the weapons of mass distraction, right? The men and women didn't get to vote for the numerous candidates who were not allowed or refused to participate in the Iraqi elections and finally, Iraq is ruled by a despot. Look in the mirror.