Sunday, October 30, 2005

Absentee ballots tainted?

The Detroit News reports on the Jackiegate irregularities of the recent primary election and suggests the upcoming general election may be tainted?

You think?!?

The role of election assistants, or 'ambassadors', is becoming clearer and the picture isn't very pretty.

Jackie currie's response: 'Prove it, P-R-O-V-E.'

Friday, October 28, 2005

Ad depicting lynching draws a bevy of 'I do not condone'

Here's a few of the absurd statements in this article on the infamous lynching ad.

From Mayor Kilpartrick: "I do not condone the images in this advertisement."

"This organization does not condone the images that were in that ad," says Publisher Sam Logan about the content of his own newspaper, the Michigan Citizen.


"This advertisement is not affiliated in any way with the Kilpatrick administration or the Kilpatrick for Mayor campaign,"

That one had me rolling on the floor.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rosa Louise Parks 1913-2005

A heroine of the civil rights movement, Rosa Parks died Monday evening. Her legacy will live forever.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Detroit needs to face its city's welfare state (sic)

I can't believe this! Thomas Bray describes municipal jobs that pay a living wage, provide health insurance and a middle class standard of living as welfare . This guy is so out of touch with reality I can only assume he's a Republican. Let him know what you think at (313) 222-2544 and

And here, Nolan Finley decries medical care for poor mothers and their children. He states: "Raising my own kids took a big bite out of my wallet. I'd rather not pay to rear someone else's." Does he really think you and I and others didn't help pay for and build the schools and other infrastructure that he used to raise his kids?

The complete dismantling of civil society that John Engler started here in Michigan and George Bush continues across the country is the problem. Not good jobs and children.

The Detroit New is a rag!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Round 3 ends in a draw.

'Detroit's mayoral candidates turn down heat in final debate' or so says this article on last nights final Mayoral debate. This Detroit news poll gives the round to Hendrix. I heard a couple of heated remarks from each candidate. A WDIV Poll is showing a tightening race with Hendrix' 13% lead dwindling to single digits, within the polls margin of error, though I can't find the poll on their site.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Round Two goes to Hendrix

This Detroit News editorial gives last night's debate edge to Freman Hendrix. I taped the debate so I can't yet comment, but this online survey overwhemingly calls it for Hendrix.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Probe cites $21/hour intern

Could this be a simple mistake? Somebody transposes a '1' and a '2' and a $12/hour city council intern gets paid $21/hour? Or is this an example of the corruption that runs through our governemnt from the local to the federal level? Our mayor and city clerk field charges of money and absentee ballot mismanagement. Our state legislature allows our water to be sold out from under us and protects internet server providers from the competition of municipal community based services. The corruption and cronyism of our federal government is just beginning to become obvious and reaches right into the oval office. How did we get into this mess?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Detroit mayoral candidate's son faces drunken driving charge

Could Stephen Hendrix be the family member who came in 'contact with anybody in the criminal justice process' that Mayor Kilpatrick referred to in his infamous closing remarks of the September 15th debate? If so, how did the Mayor become aware of this arrest on the very next day? I think the Mayor has some explaining to do.

UPDATE: In this article, Kilpatrick spokesperson Bob Berg says that the Mayor did not know of the arrest when he made his statement at the debate. I find that very hard to believe. No candidate would make such inflammatory accusations without the truth on their side. Would they?

Friday, October 07, 2005

Southwest Detroit is likely site for new bridge

Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis askes "Why are we continuing to drag this out?" in this Detroit News article. When are they going to understand that the residents of Southwest Detroit don't want another bridge any more than the residents of Downriver Metro Detroit and other regions that have made the cut, er, been removed from the list of possible sites.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Watch this...

little film in quicktime or windows media. Then read more about it on BoingBoing.

Embattled Detroit clerk hires own counsel

Apparently, after ignoring it for the last few weeks, the Detroit News has jumped on the Jackiegate story. While this article contains nothing we didn't already know about the story (the event of the headline occurred almost 2 weeks ago), it does explore how we are going to have to pay for this travesty of justice our CIty Clerk has brought down on us.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Detroit City Council candidates in East side forum on Thursday

Crain's Detroit Business reports that a public forum for Detroit City Council candidates will take place on Thursday from 6-8pm at the Charity Lutheran Church, 17220 Kelly Road.

Hendrix gets crucial support from city union

AFSCME Council 25, which represents 5000 city employees and has more than 18,000 members who are eligible to vote in the upcoming Mayoral election hasendorsed candidate Freman Hendrix.