Sunday, October 23, 2005

Detroit needs to face its city's welfare state (sic)

I can't believe this! Thomas Bray describes municipal jobs that pay a living wage, provide health insurance and a middle class standard of living as welfare . This guy is so out of touch with reality I can only assume he's a Republican. Let him know what you think at (313) 222-2544 and

And here, Nolan Finley decries medical care for poor mothers and their children. He states: "Raising my own kids took a big bite out of my wallet. I'd rather not pay to rear someone else's." Does he really think you and I and others didn't help pay for and build the schools and other infrastructure that he used to raise his kids?

The complete dismantling of civil society that John Engler started here in Michigan and George Bush continues across the country is the problem. Not good jobs and children.

The Detroit New is a rag!

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