Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Maureen Taylor Announces Write-In campaign for Detroit City Coucil

P.O. Box 02008, Detroit, MI 48202
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“Ezekiel 37...Can these dry bones live?”

November, 2005

To: Supporters & Residents of Detroit
From: The Grassroots Candidate
Re: Official Campaign Statement


The unprecedented, lawless acts of the Detroit City Clerk have mandated a full court press relative to the voter tampering that has transpired under her leadership. As you know, there were grave concerns raised when the Primary results of August 2nd showed that we were not among the top eighteen vote getters, when clearly there were extraordinary efforts forged that suggested more votes were cast for our Campaign. When the recount was requested and granted, no one was more shocked by the results than I was. Fraud, fraud, & more fraud...

Of the 46 absentee ballot boxes that we wanted to view, 29 couldn’t be recounted because the number of votes put in these boxes on August 2nd were found to be different when the recount was ordered. Suspicion has now given way to proof that the Clerk has committed fraud and that the Primary Election of August 2, 2005 was tainted.

I have been reluctant to energize our people toward an uphill, write-in campaign, knowing how challenging such a grassroots effort would be. Despite this, volunteers all over the city who have faith in what the Grassroots can do have been waging an exhausting day and night campaign to get a seat at the Council table. The out-pouring of love has been so tremendous, the level of faith has been so humbling and the need for our presence has been so compelling that a forward pass is required to equal the intensity of those who continue to promote the Grassroots Campaign. I now declare my official candidacy for the Detroit City Council as a write-in candidate.

Our Campaign has made a choice...we stand and fight no matter the odds, no matter the threats, no matter the sacrifices. We are approaching another winter of discontent & calling real warriors to first meet at the council fire, pray to our Spirit for success, and into battle we go. Many will not survive the winter as foreclosures, along with the costs of heat, lights and water, rise with few voices in position to do battle with these corporations who would rather we die if payments are not made. Michigan is second in high unemployment, and no elected official has even suggested an extension of unemployment benefits. WHY??? We are almost alone. From this position we will organize our city and help provide those things that will make Detroit great.

Maureen D. Taylor, Michigan Welfare Rights Org. State Chair

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