Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Water water everywhere but not a penny to keep it clean.

Both the news and the Free Press have article on the release and signing of the Great Lakes Annex 2001. While they both point out the limiting of large-scale diversions in the pact they miss the death by a thousand cut provisions that allow for any number of smaller-scale diversions such as the Nestle Ice Mountain facility in Mecosta county.

While the MCWC suit against Nestle winds its way through the courts, an injunction limits their takings to 200 gallons a minute, half their 400 g/m capacity. They, of course, just open up a second facility.

It will come as no surprise when someone brings up the idea of selling the water in order to pay for the plan. Make sense, right?


Stop the privatization of water!

Money for Water, not for War!

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