Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Greens Respond to 2006 State of the Union Speech

The Green Party of the United States has made aavailable video news releases in response to last nights SOTUS. They cover:

#1 Iraq War & Impeachment - Byron DeLear
Massive deception behind the Iraq invasion & occupation; Immediate withdrawal of US troops; Bush Administration lawlessness: warrantless spying on US citizens, etc.; Retreat of Dems: Sen. Clinton; Pro-war Gov. Kaine's rebuttal for the Dems; Call for impeachment of Bush & Cheney

#2 Health care - Marakay Rogers
Failure of Bush's prescription drug bill: chaos in the states; Call for national health insurance

#3 Energy and Global Warming - Rich Whitney
Threat of global warming: evident with Katrina; Real US security: measures against global warming; ending oil addiction; National & state solutions: alternative energy sources

#4 Democracy & Local Issues - Renée Bowser
Greens running for & holding local office; Bush administration attacks on the social safety net; Addressing local issues: education, housing, basic human rights; DC statehood: a civil rights issue

#5 The Green Party - Rebecca Rotzler
The Green alternative: party for the 21st century; US democracy in danger (mention 2004 election irregularities & Green response); Comparison of GP with the 2 parties: Rep. Pelosi offers no criticism of Iraq War & refuses to mention national health insurance; Dems line up behind Alito; Dems favor eminent domain decision), No interesting ideas; GP candidates; Register Green, vote Green


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