Friday, June 16, 2006

I wonder what political party she's thinking of?!?

In this article on UAW convention responses to Ford's plan for Mexico, we read: "Wendy Thompson, the former president of UAW Local 235 in Hamtramck, cited Ford's plans to expand in Mexico as a reason to encourage more grassroots political activity among members. She said members needed to support more than just the Democratic Party."

Wendy has attended a few of the recent Detroit Green local meetings at Day House.

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dWithDetroit said...

"According to an internal proposal published Thursday by the Detroit Free Press, Ford and its suppliers would invest $9.2 billion in Mexico over the next six years, including $1.4 billion on a new assembly plant. Ford would receive at least $500 million in government grants and could ultimately save $1.8 billion a year through the project, dubbed, The Way Forward -- Mexico."

Is it possible to argue with Ford from a business standpoint? Ford is in Michigan to stay, the state gets plenty of Ford money. It's up to the state and for that matter the City of Detroit to attrach NEW business. Old existing business is not what's going to save this state.

It's a tough pill to swallow for some Ford workers, but could the objectivly disagree with Ford's motives and business decisions?