Monday, October 16, 2006

Meet the Candidates Night in Detroit on Tuesday

Meet the Candidates Night

When: Oct. 17, 2006, 7:30 PM
Where: The Innate Healing Center
18700 Woodward Ave

The Innate Healing Center is located on
the East side of Woodward, across from the park,
three blocks SO. of Seven Mile,
There is a neon sign in front, and it looks like nothing else along Woodward.

It is a cross-roads center
with a vegetarian restaurant, and
lots of activities going on all the time:
drum circle twice weekly: Wed. and Sat. nights
open mic night: Thursday.

A probable issue list was compiled including the following:
* The quagmire that is Iraq and the upcoming horror that is Iran and the impact of US military actions on local public budgets and living standards
* The jobs crisis in our state and localities, the pensions crisis, what happened to the social safety net and how to regain it.
* The health care crisis and how the Michigan Constitution and public law mandate a solution to make affordable health care available to all segments of the population
* Electoral reforms that are necessary and that should already have been put into effect by the SOS
* The energy crisis and how Michigan could become a leader in renewable energy
* How public transportation could be re-established.
* How civil rights law could be amended to guarantee such rights to the LGBT community

But, of course, you can talk about whatever issues you feel best sustain your campaign

press invitations issued

Green Party Candidates

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