Thursday, July 19, 2007

Defend Catherine Wilkerson

The Committee to Defend Catherine Wilkerson is asking Dr. Wilkerson's friends and supporters to please CALL and WRITE to Washtenaw County prosecutor Brian L. Mackie to ask him to drop the charges against Dr. Wilkerson. Many experts agree that next to a personal visit, writing letters and making telephone calls are the most effective means of influencing elected officials. So, please make a phone call or send a letter to Mr. Mackie--both would be best--in the next week or two. Mr. Mackie's office phone number is 734-222-6620. For your convenience, we have prepared a sample letter that people can use or alter as they wish (see below or check in the next day or two).

Also, on Tuesday, July 24, 2007, attorney Buck Davis of Constitutional Litigation Associates will be arguing for Dr. Wilkerson's right to an evidentiary hearing. The hearing is scheduled for 9 AM in the 15th District Court, 101 E. Huron Ann Arbor, MI, before Judge Pollard-Hines. The Committee to Defend Catherine Wilkerson is asking Dr. Wilkerson's supporters to please come to the hearing, if they are able, and show their solidarity with Dr. Wilkerson.

Sample letter:

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Brian L. Mackie,
Washtenaw County Prosecutor
P.O. Box 8645
Ann Arbor, MI 48107

Dear Mr. Mackie:

I am writing to urge you to drop your office's charges against Catherine Wilkerson, MD. The police record shows that Dr. Wilkerson did nothing except issue verbal medical directions and necessary criticisms to police and emergency medical personnel regarding the treatment of an arrestee who had become a patient in her care, as acknowledged by University of Michigan police officer West.

During Mr. Blaine Coleman's arrest, there were two instances when Dr. Wilkerson determined that the actions of police or emergency medical personnel placed Coleman in a life-threatening situation. As a physician and a conscientious human being, Dr. Wilkerson had an obligation to protest and advise. No good purpose can be served by prosecuting a medical doctor for doing her duty and nonviolently exercising her First Amendment rights. Please drop the charges.

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It is NO CRIME to protest against warmongers. It is NO CRIME to complain about police brutality. It is NO CRIME to complain about dangerous medical malpractice. Dr. Catherine Wilkerson will fight back. Will you stand with her?


Anonymous said...

Why protest? she is going to be tried by jury. If she is innocent, then the jury will certainly find her inccent, won't it?

This wave of pressure on the prosecutors to drop the charges is in fact the best proof that she is guilty. In fact, since she was trying to interfere with police officer arresting a terrorist, she should be tried for aiding and abetting terrorism, and her possible ties with protesters and other terrorist organizations should be thoroughly investigated. The university community should be protected from dangerous criminals and terrorists such as her and those she was trying to defend.

Lou Novak said...

'Why protest' you ask. Because she is innocent of a crime and should never have been charged. And where did you hear that the officer was arresting a 'terrorist'? I think you are seriously misinformed.

'protesters and other terrorist organizations'???

Ah, I see, you are delusional.