Thursday, September 06, 2007

Michigan Greens drop support for Craig Covey

Craig Covey, a Ferndale councilperson is now running for mayor of the city. As he had been endorsed by the local Ferndale Greens in the past and they are no longer active, the state party was asked to endorse his mayoral campaign. Craig Covey has worked with the Green on many issues, particulary in passing Ferndale's Instant Runoff Voting measure.

He is both a Green and a Democrat.

Even though this is a non-partisan race, his affiliation with the Democrats was the primary source of opposition to the endorsement.

The proposal for endorsement fell slightly short of the 2/3 needed to pass.

Interestingly, the State Central Committee didn't even wait to see his vetting questionaire before making their decision.

I believe this was a big mistake on our part, cutting off our nose to spite our face.

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Thomas Gagne said...

I agree the Greens do more harm to themselves than to Covey. Ultimately, Covey is unlikely not change his positions on Earth-friendly and Green-supported initiatives with or without their endorsement. Assuming that's true it proves Democrats and Republicans don't own the franchise on petty politics.