Saturday, March 29, 2008

Southeastern Michigan Greens Get Together, Sunday in Ferndale

Southeastern Michigan Greens Get Together -- March 30 -- 2 - 5 pm

All Greens and their family, neighbors and friends are invited for a
Southeastern Michigan Greens get together.

Snacks provided. Those who want to can go out together for
dinner afterwards.


Kulick Community Center
1201 Livernois, Fendale MI 48220
(between 8 and 9 Mile Roads)


Proposed discussions include:

Discussion of the current political and economic situation in the nation,
state and locally and Green responses

The Cynthia McKinney Presidential Campaign
Information on the Ralph Nader Presidential campaign
Any other Green presidential campaigns

Targeting local and statewide races
Proposals for common work and actions


We will work up an agenda and times based on who is there and what they
want to talk about and work together on.

See you there.

Fred Vitale
State Chairperson

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