Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 18th rally to support AAM strikers

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UAW members and supporters will rally at 11:30 am on April 18th at Detroit’s Hart Plaza to support striking workers at American Axle.

More than 3,500 UAW members from UAW Locals 235, 262 and 2093 in Michigan and UAW Locals 424 and 826 in New York have been on strike since February 26 to protest unfair labor practices.

“The support our members have received during this strike is overwhelming,” said UAW President Ron Gettelfinger. “We’ve heard from members of the clergy, from local businesses, from community leaders - and of course from UAW members and the entire labor movement.”

“Our rally on April 18th will be a great time to show solidarity with American Axle strikers, and to demonstrate support for keeping manufacturing jobs here in the United States,” said Gettelfinger.

“Even business publications, like the Automotive News, can’t understand how American Axle can justify giving pay raises to executives while demanding pay cuts from workers,” said UAW Vice President James Settles Jr., who directs the union’s American Axle Department.

“In addition to their unjustified economic demands,” said Settles, “AAM has refused to provide us the information we need for bargaining, and has illegally cut off disability payments and health care for injured workers, as well as compensation — including health care– for laid off workers. That’s why this is an unfair labor practices strike.”

“Our members at American Axle are standing up for what’s right - and we’re inviting our entire community to stand with us on April 18th at Hart Plaza.”

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