Sunday, March 05, 2006

Living in the zoo???

While there is much to agree with in this recent coverage by Metro Times columnist Jack Lessenberry on the Detroit Zoo privatization, it fails to address 2 important issues: 1) the $4 million the state legislature and Mayor Kilpatrick used to force the City Councils hand and 2) the actual remark by Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson that the Detroit City Council belonged in the zoo. For another take on the issue check out the Michigan Citizen here and here.

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DoSomething said...

Having taken the time to read both Michigan Citizen articles linked on your blog, I am still dismayed by the hysteria that's often created when major decisions must be made by the Detroit City Council. For example, a few weeks ago, Council was faced with a major decision regarding the Detroit Zoo. Second, and most recently, council approved a rate hike for water for suburban residents. As an African Americann suburbanite, I disapprove of the rate hike. However, I have a passion, not only for the city in which I were born, but also for our region as a whole. In my opinion, everyone living in our region is "Living in the Zoo." We are at a crossroad within our region. The racial banter is appauling and childish. But, this is who we elected. If we don't like what they are doing or how they are behaving, let's get involved and let our dismay be heard.