Monday, March 13, 2006

Messages to the Grass Roots

by Maureen D. Taylor, State Chair, MWRO

March 12, 2006--The first of several street demonstrations held at the homes of elected officials accused of gross harm and negligence to the community was held today at the residence of the infamous Monica Conyers, newly appointed to the Detroit City Council by the previous City Clerk, the convicted one -- Jackie Currie. The reason for this grassroots action is because Mrs. Conyers is one of the Council renegades who voted to raise the water rates last Friday in a coup d'�tat that hijacked parliamentary procedures that these elected officials always embrace.

This level of treachery is so critical, that no one in the grassroots community can stand idly by and not chastise those who engineered this assault on our already shaken quality of life. It was imperative to our well-being for these middle-class politicians to hold the line on this issue, until the Water Affordability Program was implemented which would save both the City and the suburbs from having to institute a rate increase. The City was reluctant, but willing to support the Program which would spread out water payments and allow even the destitute to pay without fear of being shut off. The six turncoats that voted to increase the rates sent a message…”we don’t care about the 45,000 who had water disconnected last year, and we are even less concerned about the 45,000 who are budgeted to have a similar fate this year!” There can be no other conclusion.

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