Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday Green Tips

1) Buy a living tree for the holiday and after the holiday either plant it or give it to your community parks department to plant – this is an excellent way to compensate for your use of internal combustion transportation.

2) Buy or use recycled wrapping paper – better yet use the sunday funnies or purchase cloth scraps at your local fabric store (remind people receiving the gift that the gift wrap is reusable).

3) For large gifts simply tie a bow on it! Some folks hide the large gifts and give a card that includes hints about where to find it. More fun!

4) Send digital Season’s Greeting Cards.

5) Give your time! Give a grandparent, parent, spouse, friend a card with a commitment to help with household chores for a day.

6) Organic Vegan Dinner! Give a gift of a locally grown organic vegan dinner either at your favorite local haunt or you prepare it. The lower we eat on the food chain the healthier the environment.

7) Adopt a needy family. This is a good way to begin to build community as well as helping out those in need. If you do not know where to start on this one – contact your local Salvation Army.

8) Find eco-organizations like and give a gift of a healthier planet. Also, check out Co-Op America and support Green Businesses at

9) Find socially responsible organizations like and give a gift that lifts people out of despair and poverty.

10) Support the Green party by giving Green gifts from the storefront here .

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