Sunday, December 03, 2006

What about the bottled water?

While the diversion mentioned in this Free Press editorial is subject to review, Nestle bought the right to Great Lakes Water for the cost of a couple of $90 permits. The current legislation allows that water to leave the watershed as long as its bottled. That's the loophole that will drain the Great Lakes.

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Ubi Nemo said...

Chicago diverts 2 billion gallons each DAY.

The March 28th New Berlin application says the city would need 1.875 million diverted gallons per DAY this year for customers in its western portion, rising to 2.480 million gallons daily by 2050.

The Waukesha Water Utility is seeking 20 million gallons a DAY to be piped from Lake Michigan.

Nestles bottles 270 million gallons ANNUALLY most of which is consumed within the Great Lakes basin.

While the Nestle diversion remains important, it is eclipsed by these others.