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After Primaries, 10 Wisconsin Greens on the Ballot

Wisconsin Green Party

February 21, 2007

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Five of six Greens make it through primaries, will join five others in April general elections

MADISON, WI -- On February 20th, five out of six Green candidates gained enough votes to be on the ballot this April. These will join three other Green Party Madison city council candidates - Robbie Webber (I), Brenda Konkel (I), and Lauren Woods - as well as Lynn Utesch (Pierce Town Board) and Bob Ryan (Clay Banks Town Chair), in appearing on the April ballot.

Pete Karas, running for 9th District Alderperson of the Racine Common Council, received 49.8 percent of the vote. Pete was first elected to the Common Council in 2003. A member of the Racine-Kenosha Green Party, Karas was an outspoken critic of last year's conceal carry gun legislation that was eventually defeated. He is a leader of the Bright Public Power Initiative that sought to establish a publicly owned, publicly run, non-profit electrical utility in Racine. He also fought to stop the building of new coal-fired plants in the area, although unsuccessfully. Pete faced 2 challengers in the primary.

Larry Harding, who is running for Town Chairperson in the Town of Somers, received 34% of the vote, coming in second out of four candidates. Harding is a member of the Racine-Kenosha Green Party, and was a Town Board Supervisor from 2000 to 2006. In 2006, he challenged Republican Samantha Kerkman for State Assembly in District 66, earning over 20% of the vote.

Marsha Rummel is running for Madison Common Council, District 6. She came in first out of four candidates, receiving 68% of the vote. Rummel has been active in progressive third party politics since 1984. She is the president of her neighborhood association, and a strong supporter of neighborhood identity and historic preservation. Her top issues include living wage jobs, east side diversity, preserving and restoring water quality, and neighborhood strength. She is a longtime member of the Four Lakes Green Party, and was also endorsed by Progressive Dane, Sierra Club, Affordable Housing Action Alliance, and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance of Dane County.

"I've been active for years in the neighborhood and in local politics, and it pays off," said Rummel. "I'm honored to be a Green Party candidate, and I'll do a great job representing our values."

Satya Rhodes Conway, running for Madison Common Council, District 12, received 33% in the primary, putting her second in a four-way race. Satya's top issues are accessible government, public transportation, neighborhood-based policing, and water quality. Since 2005, Satya has served as Senior Associate at the Center on Wisconsin Strategy, working on state and local energy policy for the Apollo Alliance, and with the New Cities Project, which brings together mayors from across the country to discuss progressive urban policy.

Tony Palmeri came in second in a field of 7 candidates for 3 at-large seats on the Oshkosh Common Council. The Oshkosh Northwestern noted that these seven were the strongest field of candidates in a long time. Palmeri is a professor of Communication Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, and a member of the Lake Winnebago Green Party. He has been a watchdog in regards to open meetings laws, and in 2006 he challenged the Oshkosh Common Council on this issue. He ran for state Assembly in 2004 and got 9% in a hotly contested 4-way race.

"The results tonight are a victory for open government, which is one of the core Green values," said Palmeri.

Leon Todd ran for Milwaukee School Board District 3. He came in third, receiving 24% of the votes cast. He was the Wisconsin Green Party's candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2006. He served on the Milwaukee School Board for a number of years in the past.

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