Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Resolution on Elaine Brown Candidacy

Passed by consensus at the Detroit Green Party meeting 3-15-06


Both the Democrats and Republican presidential candidates are busy campaigning, raising funds. The dates of primaries are being manipulated to better lull the population to sleep.

We also know that Green candidates for office have been induced, cajoled and threatened so that they don’t run for office as a Green. The more that is at stake with a candidate, the greater the chances for threats.

We recognize that it is possible for a better candidate to come along and our support is not binding on Detroit delegates to next year’s nominating convention.


The Detroit Green Party welcomes the candidacy of Elaine Brown as the most high profile, qualified Green presidential candidate as of this date. We, of course, encourage all qualified Green candidates to run.

In order to counter the inevitable pressure on Elaine Brown not to run, the Detroit Green Party announces it support to her candidacy for the Green Party presidential nomination. The Detroit Green Party will send a contribution to her campaign [after determining what we can do legally] and urges other locals and state parties to support her as the best candidate now for the Green Party nomination in 2008.

Elaine Brown Official Website

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