Saturday, August 25, 2007

Act against the Detroit Incinerator

Hello concerned residents of Detroit,

The City of Detroit is at a critical time to determine the future of its solid waste options. As you may be aware, most of our trash is burned in an incinerator which creates countless health issues and there are very few options for recycling. A report has recently been published that summarizes a couple of options that the City can take when the bonds on the incinerator expire. Public comments on this report must be sent in hard copy by August 31. Many in the environmental community question the validity and comprehensiveness of the report and feel that our city deserves better.

This is a very complex topic and I apologize that there is not more time to adequately convey how important and complex it is. However, there are two VERY simple things you can do that may very well have a large impact if we do it collectively. However, you must act now.

1. Go to this website: and click on "Strategic Planning & Solid Waste Disposal Alternatives Report" in the left hand column and register to look at the report. It is 301 pages long with a near 50 page Executive Summary. Its unlikely you will get through the whole thing, but by registering you are indicating interest in this important topic.

2. Much more importantly: Make a public comment. Comments need to be sent in hard copy by Aug 31 which means they really need to be put in the mail no later than Monday. I am attaching a sample letter that Margaret Weber of Rosedale Recycles has drafted with input from a number of others. Please feel free to make changes. If you aren't comfortable with the letter but care about this topic it is still important that you say SOMETHING, whether it is that you are concerned about the level of asthma rates in our city due to the incinerator or that you don't believe that a comprehensive recycling program is realistic as long as the incinerator exists since they are competing for the same products...there are countless arguments that can be made against the incinerator, so please consider making at least one!

Below is a message from Margaret:

Here, attached is a version of some comments that could be submitted to GDRRA (Greater Detroit Resource Recovery Authority) about the Report on alternatives for the future of solid waste management in Detroit.

Feel free to use any of the points we make here, but emphasize what you think most important.

The most important thing is that your comments be submitted, in hard copy through the U.S. mail, and that they be received before the deadline of Aug. 31.

Mail to:

Greater Detroit Resource Recovery Authority
ATTN: Angela Ireland
5700 Russell St.
Detroit, MI 48211

That they hear from people may be more important than precisely what people say.

Please mail your comments today.

If you have the energy, make a copy of your comments and send to:

President Kenneth J. Cockrel, Jr.
Detroit City Council
Coleman A. Young Municipal Building
2 Woodward Ave,
Detroit, MI 48226

And also please email me a copy of your letter!

Thank you!

Margaret Weber
Rosedale Recycles

[link to letter to GDDRA]

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