Monday, August 20, 2007

Crunch time for Arkansas petition drive

Hi all,

In my role on the Green Senatorial Campaign Committee, I've been talking with Mark Swaney, organizer of the Green Party of Arkansas petition drive. They have professional backup for the petition drive on the ground, and had a beautiful plan laid out for getting at least 15,000 signatures. They need 10,000 valid, but each signature expires after 60 days.

The volunteers have been coming through better than expected. An unforeseen problem occured though: one of the pro petitioners, who is being counted on for about 6000 signatures, has had a medical emergency that is going to take him off the drive completely.

Mark informs me that GPAR needs more help, and needs it now. The signatures they spent a lot of good money on will start expiring September 28, with no money in the Green Party of Arkansas coffers left to hire any petitioning pros to replace those signatures after that.

If they don't get sufficient signatures to make the turn-in on September 28, the valid signature count will probably start heading irreversibly downward, due to the 60-day rule.

My involvement in the GPAR petition drive stems from the candidacy of Rebekah Kennedy (, who is challenging Mark Pryor, the most hawkish and most pro-corporate Democrat senator up for re-election in 2008. Sen. Pryor is also one of the three most vulnerable Democrat senators in the country next year. It would be a tragedy of global proportions if the Green Party of Arkansas petition drive fizzles.

So, I am begging for help to make sure the Green Party of Arkansas has at least 15,000 signatures to turn in on September 28. Checks can be made out to "Green Party of Arkansas" and mailed to:

Mark Swaney
466 Madison 6092
Huntsville, AR 72740

Thanks for your attention to this message. Let's get some work accomplished!

--Brent White
Delegate, WA
Secretary, GSCC

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