Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Green Party of Canada

Here's some of the official Green Party vote counts in yesterday's Canadian election:

Percentage nationally: 4.5%
Number of votes: 665,940

Best province: Alberta, 6.6%
Best riding (percentage): Bruce--Grey--Owen Sound, 12.9%
Best riding (number of votes): Ottawa Centre, 6,766 votes

Best riding percentage-wise in:

* Newfoundland and Labrador: Random--Burin--St. George's, 1.4%
* Prince Edward Island: Egmont, 5.2%
* Nova Scotia: Halifax, 5.2%
* New Brunswick: Madawaska--Restigouche, 3.3%
* Quebec: Westmount--Ville-Marie, 8.3%
* Ontario: Bruce--Grey--Owen Sound, 12.9%
* Manitoba: Winnipeg Centre, 7.0%
* Saskatchewan: Souris--Moose Mountain, 5.2%
* Alberta: Calgary Centre-North, 11.8%
* British Columbia: British Columbia Southern Interior, 11.3%
* Territories: Nunavut, 5.9%

more detailed results from the Elections Canada website, including a tab-delimited file for anyones use.

Now that's a real tool of participatory democracy. I can color my map of Canada any shade of green I like.

And here's a letter to the editor of the Toronto Star decrying the first-past-the-post election system we share with Canada. It makes a great point and I wouldn't doubt that the editors removed the mention of IRV that follows from it.

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