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~RELEASE~ Post-Address Statement by the Green Party of Michigan (After Granholm “State of the State” & Republican Reply)

Ecological Wisdom * Social Justice
Grassroots Democracy * Non-Violence

Green Party of Michigan

** News Release **
January 25, 2006

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Post-Address Statement by the Green Party of Michigan
(After Granholm “State of the State” & Republican Reply)

The people of Michigan know the state of our state. Folks need
jobs good enough to sustain a good economy. They yearn for integrity,
for deep change in how the system operates . . . and for whom. They
want to vote for something more than the lesser of two evils – or the
bigger of two corporate tax cuts. Michigan needs a party *of* the
people – a party inspired *by* the people – a party working *for* the

But a party can’t be *for* real people and working families if it’s
parked in the deep pockets of corporations that see human beings as just
another kind of profit center. A party can’t be *for* small farmers and
consumers if it feeds at the trough of agribusiness and factory-farm
special interests. A party can’t be *for* the little people if it’s
hooked on big money. A party has to choose sides.

We’re on *your* side. We’re the Green Party of Michigan.

Greens believe healthy people and a healthy economy go hand in
hand. Statewide universal health care boost our economy more than
throwing billions of tax dollars at big corporations whose purpose is
creating profits for themselves, not jobs for us. Healthier people can
raise up a healthier economy: energy-efficiency, renewable energy, fuel
economy, organic and sustainable agriculture . . . instead of
genetically modified organisms and the espionage-industrial complex.

Greens understand that true progress in education in Michigan
requires a commitment to deal with the poverty which stands between our
students and their birthright of knowledge. We oppose the gross
inequities of current state education funding. And we resist unfunded
Federal mandates that leave no child classtime for learning creative
thinking and cognitive skills . . . or privacy from high-pressure
military recruiting.

Greens say the people’s votes and voices should speak louder than
special-interest money and privilege. We’ve been working to clean up
vote fraud in Detroit . . . to defend community organizers in Benton
Harbor against trumped-up charges . . . to bring trustworthy voting
equipment and election systems to Michigan, and make sure all votes in
Michigan count – and are counted. That can bring fair elections – where
all people have a chance to run (and win), and a reason to vote.
Elections must be clean, too. Greens call for fair and equal public
financing of all campaigns – so candidates have to pay attention to
those of us who vote with our ballots, not our checkbooks. Until that
happens, we’ll go on asking our candidates to reject all PAC money.

Greens remember how Attorney General Granholm once advised a
governor about the need to protect the people’s water rights. But
Governor Granholm has ignored her own advice. All we’ve got to show for
it is a lame proposal on out-of-state water diversions . . . diverting
attention from the need for serious protection against cut-offs,
contamination, or commercialization.

Greens recognize that giving taxpayer money to corporations doesn't
create more jobs, just more profits. Still, both big parties stick with
the same failed strategy. The same money, invested directly in the
people’s business, could create 10,000 state jobs. But the people’s
business gets left undone.

Greens across Michigan – maybe in your community, maybe even on
your local City Council or school board – will keep doing that work.
Fighting discrimination and injustice (yes, they still exist).
Protecting citizens’ rights to peace, privacy, passive resistance
against illegal arrest . . . and polling places with plenty of working,
verifiable (and accessible!) voting machines. Making sure corporate
profiteers know that the water of the Great Lakes State is not a
commodity for sale, but a precious resource that belongs to the people.
Restoring trust in state government – starting with enforcement and
reinforcement of campaign-finance, disclosure, and ethics laws.

The future of Michigan can be a healthy, sustainable economy . . .
a healthy, open democracy . . . a healthy, free people. That future
belongs to the people of Michigan. Let’s go get it – let’s build it –

The Green Party of Michigan. We’re on *your* side.

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For more information on the Green Party of Michigan, and Green
issues and values, or to find out how you can see the Greens’
pre-recorded video response to the “State of the State”, visit:

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GPMI was formed in 1987 to address environmental issues in Michigan
politics. Greens are organized in all 50 states and the District of
Columbia, as well as in 79 countries on six continents. Each state
Green Party sets its own goals and creates its own structure, but US
Greens agree on Ten Key Values:

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Grassroots Democracy
Social Justice
Community Economics
Respect for Diversity
Personal/Global Responsibility
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