Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Michigan Green Matt Abel nominated to GPUS Steering Committee

As you may know, the last spot on the 7 member Steering Committee of the Green Party of the US has been open since the National Meeting in Tulsa, OK last July. Issues with the election and the inability of the National Committee to remedy them have led the Steering Committee to call for a new election. Nominations were open until this last Monday, and just before the deadline, Pat LaMarche, who rode our national ticket as the vice-presidential candidate and is currently running for governor of Maine, nominated our own Matt Abel to the position. Matt will be running against Jason Nabewaniec of NY and Budd Dickinson of CA. Noticeably absent from the candidates is Kristen Olson of MN, who, along with Tom Sevigny of CT, was said to have won the seventh seat depending on which system of Single Transferable Vote was used. Kristen has not accepted the nomination in this new election and Tom has since resigned his position in GPUS. While there is a proposal submitted to the National Committee to seat Kristen, it appears to this observer that it will fail and a new election will be held.

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